About Us

Jorge Carriço

Professional hunter, director and main representative with more than 30 years of hunting experience in Africa.

Jorge was born and educated in Mozambique and lived there until 1975. Having spent his youth hunting all across Mozambique, he acquired an impressive experience and knowledge of hunting and wildlife.

In 1980 he started his career as a certified P.H. in Sudan in one of the most prestigious Safari companies in Africa, until hunting was banned in that country. He then served as P.H. in Zambia and later in Mozambique, until he founded in 2003 his own company, Niassa Hunter Safaris in Niassa Mozambique.

The company has been operating on the R1 and R2 hunting blocks under his responsibility as a professional hunter and outfitter ever since.

Pedro Costa Campos

Executive Director & Partner of Niassa Hunter Safaris.

Broad experience of a top management career, having worked in several countries as senior management role positions for more than 20 years in North-American multinational corporations.

Developed a passion for hunting and conservation over the last 10 years of hunting in Africa – namely South Africa, Namibia, Zambia and Mozambique – and became a certified Professional Hunter and co-owner of Niassa Hunter Safaris.

Besides his work as P.H. he is managing the company and its mains projects as well as being actively involved in the wildlife conservation, and anti-poaching initiatives.


Company Name:

Niassa Hunter Safaris, Lda, Registered in Maputo




Official Representatives:

Jorge Carriço (Director and Professional Hunter)

Pedro Costa Campos (Partner & Executive Director, P.H)


Av. do Trabalho, nº 1680, Maputo



Phone Numbers:

+258 824 718 490 (Mozambique)

+351 912 799 319 (Portugal)