General Information


NIASSA HUNTER SAFARIS is operating in a fine game country where we have exclusive and legal rights to a large concession in northern Mozambique.

This is one of the Africa’s last great wilderness area, noted for large maned lions, big leopards, excellent Cape buffalos and majestic sable antelopes.

Our safari camps are equipped with the latest specially equipped 4×4 vehicles, bungalows built with local materials provided with toilets and showers, flying camp, cooking amenities, refrigerators, freezers, generators, radio and satellite-phones.


The northern Mozambique hunting season is open from June 1st through November 30th.


The clients must obtain a Mozambique visa.


Please check with your local physician and your Public Health Service for current health recommendations, such as current anti-malarial prophylactic suggested for Mozambique.

Bring your own medications and prescription drugs. All our camps are equipped with comprehensive first aid medicines and all vehicles carry first aid kits.


We suggest a good medium rifle such as 30-06. 7mm. or .300 calibre, fitted with a good scope, either 4x fixed or 1.5-6 or 9x variable is suitable for most of your shooting and plains game.

For heavy rifle we suggest .375 calibre or above, fitted with a good 4x scope. This is the minimum calibre for big game, and is mandatory for dangerous game, such as buffalo, hippo and elephant. Semi-automatic or automatic weapons are forbidden by law.


The climate in the game area is moderate. For your safari, khaki or olive colours are most suitable. The hunting area is around 600 meters high, morning and evenings can be quite cool. Bring some warm clothes.

Please note that military camouflage clothing is illegal in Mozambique.